Notable Applicants Dear Mehr Mehr

Dear Applicants for Mehrnand Housing Projects (Listed below), which have five contracts with Imran Parand, will have the opportunity to complete their inventory by the end of March, so that they will not be included in the list due to the physical progress of their project. For more information, visit [...]

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Initiation of a relief and relief scheme for late committal of obligations

Beginning of Forgiving and Reducing Late Criminal Offenses The obligations in the new town of Parand are respected by the public. Applicants can refer to the finance department of Omran Parand to benefit from the project. Dear fellow citizens, join the official channel of the city of Parand new [...]

11 May 2019|Categories: News|0 Comments

5,000 housing units are opened

With the presence of the Deputy Minister of Construction of the Governorate of Tehran, Mr. Taherkhani, Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development, Mr. Sadaty, Governor of Robat Karim Governor, Hojatoleslam Pashaki, Friday Imam, Mr. Prand, Mr. Ağshteh, Mayor of Prand, Mr. Sardar Mrs. Moradpour, President of the Shura [...]

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Perform mapping operations

Parand New Town Construction Company intends to choose between consulting engineers who are qualified to choose a consultant. Therefore, all consulting engineers who are specialized in the subject of consultancy services are invited to participate in the conference call. Parand New Town Construction Company intends to choose between consulting [...]

10 April 2019|Categories: News|0 Comments
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